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返回结果中的错误码表示了用户调用火山引擎 API 的结果。

Common Error

Error CodeMessageHttp Status
ServiceFailureThe request processing has failed because of an unknown error500
InvalidDescriptionInvalid Description %s, err: %s400
InvalidNewDescriptionInvalid NewDescription %s, err: %s400
InvalidLimitInvalid Limit %d, err: %s400
InvalidOffsetInvalid Offset %d, err: %s400
ParameterNotFoundParameter '%s' is required, but not found.400
InvalidSiteInvalid Site '%s', err: '%s'.400
InvalidTRNTRN '%s' is not valid.400
InvalidJsonStruct%s has invalid json structure, err: '%s'400
InvalidStatusInvalid Status `%s`, err: %s.400
AccessDeniedExceptionYou do not have sufficient access to perform this action.400

AccessKey Error

Error CodeMessageHttp Status
InvalidAccessKeyIdInvalid accessKeyId '%s', err: '%s'400
AccessKeyNotExistThe accessKey '%s' can not be found404
InvalidAccessKeyStatusInvalid accessKey status: '%s', err: '%s'400
AccessKeyLimitExceededExceed account accessKey quota: '%d'409
ErrorCreateAccessKeyGenerate accessKey error: '%s'400
AccessKeyIsExpireThe accessKey '%s' is expired.400
SessionTokenInvalidThe session-toke is invalid.400

Account Error

Error CodeMessageHttp Status
AccountNotExistAccount '%s' cannot be found.404
AccountNotVerifiedThe Account '%v' is not verified.400
InvalidAccountNameThe Account '%v' is not verified.400

User Error

Error CodeMessageHttp Status
UserNotExistUser '%s' cannot be found.404
UserAlreadyExistsUser '%s' already exists.409
InvalidUserNameInvalid UserName '%s', err: '%s'.400
InvalidNewUserNameInvalid NewUserName '%s', err: '%s'.400
InvalidDisplayNameInvalid DisplayName '%s', err: '%s'.400
InvalidNewDisplayNameInvalid NewDisplayName '%s', err: '%s'.400
InvalidMobilePhoneInvalid MobilePhone '%s', err: '%s'.400
InvalidMobilePhoneIsVerifyInvalid MobilePhoneIsVerify '%s', err: '%s'.400
InvalidNewMobilePhoneInvalid NewMobilePhone '%s', err: '%s'.400
InvalidEmailInvalid Email '%s', err: '%s'.400
InvalidNewEmailInvalid NewEmail '%s', err: '%s'.400
InvalidEmailIsVerifyInvalid EmailIsVerify '%s', err: '%s'.400
InvalidPasswordInvalid Password '%s', err: '%s'.400
UserDeleteConflictWithRoleCannot delete user '%s' which added to role(s).409
UserDeleteConflictWithPolicyCannot delete user '%s' which added to policy(s).409
UserDeleteConflictWithAccessKeyCannot delete user '%s' which added to ak(s).409
AddUserToRoleConflictUser '%s' already be added to the role '%s'.409
RemoveUserFromRoleConflictUser '%s' not be added to to the role '%s'.409
LoginProfileAlreadyExistLoginProfile for User '%s' already exist.409
LoginProfileNotExistLoginProfile for User '%s' not exist.404
PasswordNotMatchPassword you provided donot match password in DB.403
InvalidLoginIpInvalid LoginIp '%s', err: '%s'.400
LoginNotAllowedUser '%s' doesn't have authority to login, please configure by IAM console403

ThirdPart Error

Error CodeMessageHttp Status
ErrInvalidThirdPartyPersonalIDPTypeInvalid IDPType: `%v`, err: `%v`.400
ErrInvalidThirdPartyIdentityIDInvalid ThirdPartyIdentityID: `%v`, err: `%v`.400
ErrInvalidThirdPartyIdentityNameInvalid ThirdPartyIdentityName: `%v`, err: `%v`.400
ErrInvalidPlatformIdentityIDInvalid PlatformIdentityID: `%v`, err: `%v`.400
ErrInvalidPlatformIdentityTypeInvalid PlatformIdentityType: `%v`, err: `%v`.400
ErrBindThirdPartyPersonalIdentityConflict%v `%v` already be bound.409
ErrBindThirdPartyEnterpriseIdentityConflict%v `%v` already be bound.409
ErrorUnbindThirdPartyPersonalIdentityConflict`%v[%v]` has not be bound to `%v[%v]`.409
ErrInvalidThirdPartyEnterpriseIDPTypeInvalid IDPType: `%v`, err: `%v`.400
ErrInvalidThirdPartyEnterpriseIDInvalid EnterpriseID: `%v`, err: `%v`.400
ErrInvalidThirdPartyEnterpriseNameInvalid EnterpriseName: `%v`, err: `%v`.400
ErrBindThirdPartyEnterpriseConflict%v `%v` already be bound.409
ErrAssociatedThirdPartyEnterpriseNotExistAssociated third-party Enterprise not exist.400
ErrAssociatedAccountNotExistAssociated Account not exist.400
ErrAssociatedUserNotExistAssociated User not exist.400
ErrBindPersonalIdpLimitExceed personal IDP quota: '%d'.400

Policy Error

Error CodeMessageHttp Status
PolicyNotExistPolicy '%s' does not exist or is not attachable.404
PolicyAlreadyExistPolicy '%s' already exists409
InvalidPolicyNameInvalid PolicyName '%s', err: '%s'400
InvalidPolicyTypeInvalid PolicyType '%s', err: '%s'400
MissingPolicyDocumentMissing policy document400
InvalidPolicyDocumentJsonPolicy document has invalid json structure, err: '%s'400
InvalidEffectFieldInvalid Effect in policy document, err: '%s'400
InvalidActionFieldInvalid Action in policy document, err: '%s'400
InvalidPrincipalFieldInvalid Principal in policy document, err: '%s'400
PolicyDeleteConflictCannot delete policy '%s' which attached to role(s)409
PolicyAttachConflictPolicy '%s' already be attached to '%s'409
PolicyDetachConflictPolicy '%s' not be attached to '%s'409
InvalidPolicyScopeInvalid Scope %s, err: %s400
InvalidPolicyEntityFilterInvalid EntityFilter %s, err: %s400

Role Error

Error CodeMessageHttp Status
RoleNotExistRole '%s' cannot be found404
RoleAlreadyExistsRole '%s' already exists.409
RoleNameAlreadyExistsNewRoleName %s already exists409
InvalidRoleNameInvalid RoleName '%s', err: '%s'400
AccountRoleLimitExceededCannot exceed Quota for '%s': '%d'409
RoleDeleteConflictWithPolicyCannot delete role '%s', must detach all policies first409
RoleDeleteConflictWithUserCannot delete role '%s', must remove all users first409
InvalidTrustPolicyDocInvalid TrustPolicy, err: '%s'.400
InvalidAssociatedAccountTypeInvalid AssociatedAccountType `%s`, err: `%s`.400
RoleConfigAlreadyExistsRoleConfig '%v' already exists.409

Federation Error

Error CodeMessageHttp Status
IdentityProviderNoHandlerIdentityProvider '%s' has no handler function exist.400
IdentityProviderNoUserInfoCannot get userInfo, please try again or please contact with admin.400
IdentityProviderNotExistIdentityProvider %s not exist400
IdentityProviderAlreadyExistsIdentityProvider %s already exist409
AppAlreadyExistsApp %s already exists409
AppNotExistApp %s not exist400
AppNameAlreadyExistsAppName %s is already used409
InvalidAppNameInvalid AppName %s, err: %s400
InvalidAppIDInvalid AppID %s, err: %s400
InvalidAppSecretInvalid AppSecret %s, err: %s400
InvalidIdpNameInvalid IdpName %s, err: %s400
InvalidIdpTypeInvalid IdpType %s, err: %s400
InvalidIdpScopeInvalid IdpScope %s, err: %s400

Service Error

Error CodeMessageHttp Status
ServiceNotExistservice "%s" is not existed400
ServiceAccessKeyLimitExceededExceed service accessKey quota: '%d'.409

Project Error

Error CodeMessageHttp Status
ProjectNotExistProject `%s` can not be found.404
ProjectAlreadyExistsProject `%s` already exists.409
InvalidProjectNameInvalid ProjectName `%s`, err: `%s`.400
InvalidNewProjectNameInvalid NewProjectName `%s`, err: `%s`.400
ProjectNameAlreadyExistsProjectName `%s` is already used.409
ProjectDeleteConflictWithUserCannot delete Project `%s`, must remove all User first.409
ProjectDeleteConflictWithRoleCannot delete Project `%s`, must remove all Role first.409
ProjectDeleteConflictWithResourceCannot delete Project `%s`, must remove all resource first.409
ProjectIdentityNotExistIdentity `%+v` can not be found.404
InvalidProjectIdentityTypeInvalid IdentityType `%s`, err: `%s`.400
AddProjectUserConflictUser `%s` already be added to the Project `%s`.409
RemoveProjectUserConflictUser `%s` not be added to the Project `%s`.409
AddProjectRoleConflictRole `%s` already be added to the Project `%s`.409
RemoveProjectRoleConflictRole `%s` not be added to the Project `%s`.409
ProjectConfigAlreadyExistsProjectConfig `%s` already exists.409