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  • 文件扩展名: *.json
  • 本地化类型: “json”
  • 复数支持: 支持
  • 翻译导入: 支持


	"effect": "Effekte",
    "effect.list": "Gebruik TikTok-effekte",
    "effect.profile": "Voeg effekte by jou TikTok-profiel",
    "effect_back_in_time": "Omkeerbeweging toegepas",
    "effect_body_1_creator": "Lights. Camera. And action. There’s definitely some wear and tear on the {effect_name}.",
    "effect_body_1_viewer": "Lights. Camera. And so much action. You loved the {effect_name} in 2020!",
    "effect_body_1_viewer_fallback": "Lights. Camera. And action. There were millions of effect videos generated in 2020.",
    "effect_body_2_creator": "Not only is it your most used effect, but it got you some serious views on this video.",
    "effect_body_2_viewer": "You liked {effect_video_cnt} video{num, plural, one { that used it.} other {s that used it.}}",