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本文汇总了云数据库 MySQL 版的预留字。


在高权限账号的名称中可使用 root 和 admin。

UserName或DatabaseNameaccessible, account, action, actual, add, adddate, admin, after, against, aggregate, algorithm, all, alter, always, analyse, analyze, and, any, as, asc, ascii, asensitive, at, auto_increment, autoextend_size, avg, avg_row_length, ax_user_connections

backup, before, begin, between, bigint, binary, binlog, bit, bit_and, bit_or, bit_xor, bka, blob, block, bnl, bool, boolean, both, btree, by, byte

cache, call, cascade, cascaded, case, cast, catalog_name, chain, change, changed, channel, char, character, charset, check, checksum, cipher, class_origin, client, close, coalesce, code, collate, collation, column, column_format, column_name, columns, comment, commit, committed, compact, completion, compressed, compression, concurrent, condition, connection, consistent, constraint, constraint_catalog, constraint_name, constraint_schema, contains, context, continue, convert, count, cpu, create, cross, cube, curdate, current, current_date, current_time, current_timestamp, current_user, cursor, cursor_name, curtime

data, database, databases, datafile, date, date_add, date_sub, datetime, day, day_hour, day_microsecond, day_minute, day_second, deallocate, dec, decimal, declare, default, default_auth, definer, delay_key_write, delayed, delete, des_key_file, desc, describe, deterministic, diagnostics, directory, disable, discard, disk, distinct, distinctrow, div, do, double, drop, dual, dumpfile, duplicate, dupsweedout, dynamic

each, else, elseif, enable, enclosed, encryption, end, ends, engine, engines, enum, error, errors, escape, escaped, event, events, every, exchange, execute, exists, exit, expansion, expire, explain, export, extended, extent_size, extract

FALSE, fast, faults, fetch, fields, file, file_block_size, filter, first, firstmatch, fixed, float, float4, float8, flush, follows, for, force, foreign, format, found, from, full, fulltext, function

general, generated, geometry, geometrycollection, get, get_format, global, grant, grants, group, group_concat, group_replication

handler, hash, having, help, high_priority, host, hosts, hour, hour_microsecond, hour_minute, hour_second

identified, if, ignore, ignore_server_ids, import, in, index, indexes, infile, initial_size, inner, inout, insensitive, insert, insert_method, install, instance, int, int1, int2, int3, int4, int8, integer, interval, into, intoexists, invoker, io, io_after_gtids, io_before_gtids, io_thread, ipc, is, isolation, issuer, iterate

join, json, json_arrayagg, json_objectagg

key, key_block_size, keys, kill

lag, language, last, leading, leave, leaves, left, less, level, like, limit, linear, lines, linestring, list, load, local, localtime, localtimestamp, lock, locks, logfile, logs, long, longblob, longtext, loop, loosescan, low_priority

master, master_auto_position, master_bind, master_connect_retry, master_delay, master_heartbeat_period, master_host, master_log_file, master_log_pos, master_password, master_port, master_retry_count, master_server_id, master_ssl, master_ssl_ca, master_ssl_capath, master_ssl_cert, master_ssl_cipher, master_ssl_crl, master_ssl_crlpath, master_ssl_key, master_ssl_verify_server_cert, master_tls_version, master_user, match, materialization, max, max_connections_per_hour, max_execution_time, max_queries_per_hour, max_rows, max_size, max_updates_per_hour, maxvalue, medium, mediumblob, mediumint, mediumtext, memory, merge, message_text, microsecond, mid, middleint, migrate, min, min_rows, minute, minute_microsecond, minute_second, mod, mode, modifies, modify, month, mrr, multilinestring, multipoint, multipolygon, mutex, mysql_errno

name, names, national, natural, nchar, ndb, ndbcluster, never, new, next, no, no_bka, no_bnl, no_icp, no_mrr, no_range_optimization, no_semijoin, no_wait, no_write_to_binlog, nodegroup, none, not, now, null, number, numeric, nvarchar

offset, on, one, only, open, optimize, optimizer_costs, option, optionally, options, or, order, out, outer, outfile, owner

pack_keys, page, parse_gcol_expr, parser, partial, partition, partitioning, partitions, password, phase, plugin, plugin_dir, plugins, point, polygon, port, position, precedes, precision, prepare, preserve, prev, primary, privileges, procedure, process, processlist, profile, profiles, proxy, purge

qb_name, quarter, query, quick

range, rds_add_proxy_protocol_networks, rds_audit, rds_change_user, rds_charsetnum, rds_connection_id, rds_current_connection, rds_db, rds_host_show, rds_inner_backup, rds_ip, rds_prepare_begin_id, rds_resetconnection, rds_rw_mode, rds_show_proxy_protocol_ips, rds_user, read, read_only, read_write, reads, real, rebuild, recover, redo_buffer_size, redofile, redundant, references, regexp, relay, relay_log_file, relay_log_pos, relay_thread, relaylog, release, reload, remove, rename, reorganize, repair, repeat, repeatable, repl, replace, replicate_do_db, replicate_do_table, replicate_ignore_db, replicate_ignore_table, replicate_rewrite_db, replicate_wild_do_table, replicate_wild_ignore_table, replication, require, reset, resignal, restore, restrict, resume, return, returned_sqlstate, returns, reverse, revoke, right, rlike, rollback, rollup, root, rotate, routine, row, row_count, row_format, rows, rtree

savepoint, schedule, schema, schema_name, schemas, second, second_microsecond, security, select, semijoin, sensitive, separator, serial, serializable, server, session, session_user, set, share, show, shutdown, signal, signed, simple, slave, slow, smallint, snapshot, socket, some, soname, sounds, source, spatial, specific, sql, sql_after_gtids, sql_after_mts_gaps, sql_before_gtids, sql_big_result, sql_buffer_result, sql_cache, sql_calc_found_rows, sql_filters, sql_no_cache, sql_small_result, sql_thread, sql_tsi_day, sql_tsi_hour, sql_tsi_minute, sql_tsi_month, sql_tsi_quarter, sql_tsi_second, sql_tsi_week, sql_tsi_year, sqlexception, sqlstate, sqlwarning, ssl, stacked, start, starting, starts, stats_auto_recalc, stats_persistent, stats_sample_pages, status, std, stddev, stddev_pop, stddev_samp, stop, storage, stored, straight_join, string, subclass_origin, subdate, subject, subpartition, subpartitions, subquery, substr, substring, sum, super, suspend, swaps, switches, sync, sysdate, system_user

table, table_checksum, table_name, tables, tablespace, temporary, temptable, terminated, text, than, then, time, timestamp, timestampadd, timestampdiff, tinyblob, tinyint, tinytext, to, trailing, transaction, trigger, triggers, trim, TRUE, truncate, type, types

uncommitted, undefined, undo, undo_buffer_size, undofile, unicode, uninstall, union, unique, unknown, unlock, unsigned, until, update, upgrade, usage, use, use_frm, user, user_resources, using, utc_date, utc_time, utc_timestamp

validation, value, values, var_pop, var_samp, varbinary, varchar, varcharacter, variables, variance, varying, view, virtual

wait, warnings, week, weight_string, when, where, while, with, without, work, wrapper, write

x509, xa, xid, xml, xor

year, year_month